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Tips to Navigate Valentines Day if you’re Single, Married, or Anything in Between

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Hallmark has made February 14th into a bigger holiday than it probably should be. But alas, the cards and teddy bears have yet again made their way into the aisles of every drugstore. Valentine’s Day can feel like a day with an unnecessary amount of pressure, especially if you’re in a newer relationship. Below is some fun Valentine’s Day tips to make it light, fun, and perhaps even a little extra special no matter where you are in your dating journey. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the singles out there either.

If you’re Single on Valentine Day

Hosting a dinner with one or two of your closest friends is a great way to spend the night. You could make it a potluck where everyone brings a dish, game, or the cheesiest Valentine’s gift they could find. Or gather a group of other singles together for a night out. If you’re going out, try going to a place that’s notoriously hard to get into on any other night. You may even run into another like-minded crowd of professional singles.

Another good option if you’re single and spending Valentine’s Day alone is to do something that makes you happy. Go out for a run or get a massage. Or stay in and eat your favorite ice cream on the couch to watch a movie. If you’re feeling down about being single, take this day as an opportunity to think about what it is you’re looking for in your next relationship. Write down what comes to mind. It’s perfectly okay to feel vulnerable. Maybe you’ve been dating for a while without finding someone that you truly connect with. Perhaps now you’re ready to reach out to the team here at Sophy Love to help you in your dating journey.

Newly Dating

One thing we wouldn’t suggest if you’re in a new relationship is to avoid the topic of Valentine’s Day altogether. If you have certain wants or expectations on this day, communicate in advance so that there are no surprises or disappointments when the day comes. 

Going out to a nice restaurant might feel a little too intense if you just started dating. Cooking a nice dinner for two at one of your homes and drinking a special bottle of wine or champagne is one fun way to spend the evening. It’s a great excuse to have an intimate dinner at home and get to know each other on a more personal level. If you want to go out somewhere, have a low-key date night. Go see a movie and get pizza or a burger somewhere afterward. Either of these options can also give you both the chance to get to know one another in a low-pressure environment — versus being in a crowded restaurant filled with other couples. 

As far as gift-giving goes, if it feels right then bring something small that’s appropriate for the occasion. Maybe a box of chocolates or even one of those (small) teddy bears that line the store shelves. A simple gesture like that shows that you’re thinking about your date while also not over-thinking when the relationship is still young. Gifts are definitely not necessary at this time. If you’re getting a card, keep it fairly simple with the messaging inside.

Exclusively Dating

By this point in your relationship, you and your significant other know the best way to spend quality time together. Think of this as a day to do something together that you both enjoy, regardless of whether it’s related to a traditional activity for the holiday. The type of activity completely depends on your relationship. Maybe going on a hike, shopping for new patio furniture, planning your next trip, trying a new place to eat, or anything in between. 

If you want to do something romantic and outside your usual routine, you could go out for a romantic dinner. If you have a restaurant in mind, make sure to reserve in advance as this day is very popular. A fun daytime activity for Valentine’s Day could be an outdoor picnic or going on a scenic walk (weather permitting).  

If you are someone who likes to express yourself via writing, write a sweet card to your partner and bring them flowers. Large or extravagant gifts for this holiday are not needed. If this is an important day for your partner, the gesture and thought are what count in making it special for them.

Living Together/Engaged/Married

When you’re with your forever partner, do whatever you normally do to show them love, kindness, and affection on this day. Showing that you deeply care about and love your significant other goes far beyond Valentine’s Day. Be present and aware of how your partner has been feeling. Do something to elevate them if they have been down. Or celebrate if there is something exciting that recently happened. 

More ideas: bring flowers on a random day of the week. Leave a sweet note for them to find later. Sometimes the least “romantic” things can make someone feel the most appreciated, like doing a chore that they usually do. Or ordering them a matching pair of slippers that you have and they borrow all the time. If you are looking for something outside your usual routine, try making a special recipe at home together.

Whatever you choose to do on this day, do it from the heart and the rest is a bonus. 

With Love, Sophy, and all the beady-eyed teddy bears ❤

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