Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team
sophy singer
matchmaker. Founder.
There’s no field where the adage “knowledge is power” holds more weight than that of love and matchmaking. Sophy has successfully curated more than 1,000 dates and countless happy couples in over a decade of work as a professional matchmaker.
She knows it’s not just about what you know, but it’s also about who you know. Her approach to dating and long-term love is equal parts science, emotion and intuition. It’s rooted in her own passion for the field, which sprouted after she broke off her own engagement, shifted her dating approach and found her husband, Michael, with whom she has been happily married for over 10 years.

…First dates are about creating connection and determining potential.

Sophy’s matchmaking process is supported by her rich training in behavioral and relationship science, which informs her unique approach to coupling, one that is guided as much by psychology and analysis as it is by excellent, time-honed intuition for what makes two people click.

Sophy’s boutique approach is special. She started her career in matchmaking in 2010 as a dating coach, and found she had both a passion and knack for mentoring people to become their best selves as they played the dating field.

In 2016, she took a leap of faith, quit her job and joined the largest matchmaking firm in the nation. After countless engagements, marriages and babies born as a result of her matches, however, she wanted to get more personal, so in 2018, Sophy branched out and launched her own agency. At Sophy Love, she is able to bring her bubbly, intuitive and unparalleled charm and optimism to every single client. Her service is personal and personalized, and her results speak for themselves.

Like Sophy herself, the process she offers is fun. It’s exciting. It’s exactly what love is supposed to be like.

success rate (January 2022) 92%
The SOPHY Love Team

Bringing together the best in the business, Sophy has assembled a team of comprised of  exceptional experts in their fields. From matchmakers, online specialists, stylists and experts in hospitality, Sophy’s team is here to create the best dating experience for our clients.

Meet Our Team

Bea Berio

Client Services Manager

Bea comes to Sophy Love with many years of experience in the hospitality industry, where she worked with guests and employees alike from across the globe. Her work has ranged from client-facing front office guest services duties to human resources responsibilities, and throughout it all, the most thrilling part has been the opportunity to engage with people from many different cultures, learning about their unique cultures and perspectives and sharing in projects together toward a common goal. She is a master of customer service and customer satisfaction, and she comes to us armed with a degree in Tourism Management.

Deeply passionate about people, the sparks that can fly between them and the new connections that can be made each day, Bea’s love of hospitality stems from a desire to impact people's journeys. Her step into the world of matchmaking is a logical extension of that love, one that allows her to play a role making even more lasting memories for her clients — this time, the kind of memories that shift the course of a person’s entire life.

Meet Our Team

Tamar Caspi


Tamar used to believe you should accept every first date you’re asked on because you never knew when it was going to be your last. With that philosophy in mind, Tamar went on hundreds of first dates but only a few second dates and thought she had the dating game down to a science. If a guy didn’t check a box, she would check out. 

As her own journey unfolded, so too did her attitude towards dating: she realized that although dating is a numbers game, there’s no algorithm. Tamar knew it was time to change her approach — and her mindset — and to stop looking at dating as data. Tamar’s new outlook meant quality over quantity and being open to influence. 

Tamar had so many funny and shocking dating stories that she began writing about them in 2007 and her internationally-syndicated dating advice column turned into a book titled “How to Woo a Jew: The Modern Jewish Guide to Dating and Mating”. As an online dating consultant, Tamar has created and edited hundreds of profiles. 

Meet Our Team

Mollie Sommer


Mollie Sommer is a Meditation, Yoga and Tantric Teacher, Holistic Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Certified Professional Coach, and ELI-MP. Mollie has been teaching, coaching, mentoring and leading retreats for six years. Specializing in energy work, relationships, and empowering women.

Mollie is passionate about life and love. She lives her life fully embracing and embodying the abundance of love. She believes that dating should be fun, each date being an opportunity to genuinely connect to another human being with stories and experiences to share. Removing the pressure and consciously building a relationship through communication of desires and needs while understanding how we can use energy to create lasting love and passion.

Meet Our Team

Joanna Mandel


Meet Joanna, the authentic, truthful, hilarious mother of two who loves to make people laugh, feel comfortable, supported and heard.

With a career that ranges from rocking Public Relations for NBC, to becoming a professional matchmaker, Joanna is the communications queen who loves to ask the questions others won't ask. She wants to get to know the real you, and find you love. If you are looking for an honest, passionate, empathetic matchmaker, you have met your match!

Let's get started!

Meet Our Team

Lynn Simpson


Lynn Simpson, professional Make-Up Artist and hair stylist for 20 years. Helping you look and feel beautiful is what it’s all about! Some of her celebrity clients include Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian and Brooke Shields. She loves getting to glam her Southern California clients for special events, weddings, print and film work. She has also worked on the set of E!,VH1, OWN, MTV, Chicago the musical, and been featured in magazines all around California.

Meet Our Team

janel conlan


Janel always enjoyed taking photos, and always had a camera on hand. Her start was in Advertising, sales, and marketing. Janel is about listening. She wants to hear what "you" want. Not what she loves, not what everyone else told you should do, but what you want. She will take that, tell you what she needs from you to make it happen, and handle it. With no ego here. Just a photographer who prides herself in not only being good a taking a photo, but being a professional.

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