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Looking for love on your own is like looking for a needle in a haystack. From apps to networking events to blind dates set up by well-meaning relatives, it can feel exhausting to be searching and swiping and never feeling that spark of connection.

We get it. At Sophy Love, we have decades of experience in behavioral psychology, deep professional networks among the most quality singles, and we are skilled in both the science and art of understanding a person’s preferences, goals and desires. Conscious dating is a focus on self-awareness, mindfulness, and making genuine connections. Our high-end matchmaking services offer dating experiences that are confidential, goal-oriented, and personalized to meet your specific needs.

Sophy Love has a team of expert matchmakers who excel in diverse approaches, along with coaching specialists, aiming to elevate the standards of mindful and conscious dating. Developing your awareness initially enables you to navigate the dating scene with a more profound insight into your own self and your requirements in relationships.

We know how to tap into what you’re looking for and help you navigate so you can get there. When it comes to the journey of finding love and companionship, you don’t have to do it alone.

what we do

Executive Matchmaking

You’re unique. If you want results that stick, your matchmaking experience needs to be, as well. Sophy Love will custom-tailor an experience for you that is discreet, results-driven, and curated to fit your precise desires.

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Closer Events

The antidote to dating boredom, Closer is designed to foster curiosity and connection within a highly curated group of singles handpicked by an executive matchmakers. Through deep icebreakers, and games, attendees  create authentic interactions and meaningful relationships with one another.

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Dating Concierge

The average person wastes 45 hours a month aimlessly swiping, texting and attempting to schedule dates with matches the ultimately fizzle out before anyone even gets a chance to connect off the app. Get your time and sanity back.

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dating coach

If your relationship goals are the end zone, our date coaching is the service that can get you there faster. Go on better dates. Come home feeling empowered, optimistic, and in control of your dating future. Let us show you how.

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Dating Directory

In life and in love, it’s often not just about who you know, but about who those people know. Tap into a network of vetted, exclusive singles who are all exceptional and inspiring, very much like you. It’s entirely complimentary.

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Successful Couples
THE ANTIDOTE TO DATING BOREDOM. Skip the high stakes of modern dating and join us for Closer, a curated singles event that helps you get out of your mind and into your heart

Success Stories


Success! I met my husband on the second match that Sophy set me up with. It was an instant connection. Sophy was fantastic! She was kind, always available, and most importantly she truly listened to what I felt I needed and wanted. The fact that she took the time to get to know me gave me more hope and comfort. Honestly, she could not have found me a better partner. I am now happily married with a baby girl. I really love my family.  Thank you Sophy!


Sophy has taught me how to brave the dating world with no fear, no reservations, and no ego. I feel reassured that we are getting closer to finding my perfect match and I couldn’t do it without her.


It takes great care and ability to bring together two people who are searching for one another. The attention to detail from start to finish, the pep talks, the honest encouragement and quality of introductions truly set Sophy apart!


Sophy has an intuitive nature. She is able to understand a person as if you were an old friend, in a rather remarkable fashion. She is kind, empathetic, accommodating, and a true ally in the scary world of dating. I feel that she actually listens to my concerns and her dating pep talks are the best! She is converting an exhausted dating cynic into an actual optimist.


Sophy = matchmaking done right. I imagine matchmaking done right is a challenging job, Sophy handled it with ease. Sophy is an awesome communicator and pays attention to detail. Finding a connection isn’t easy, but Sophy does all the heavy lifting and makes it fun in the process.


Sophy has been an amazing matchmaker. This is my first time using any matchmaking service, and she has been there for me on so many levels. I don’t have to swipe, vet or negotiate – she listens to what I’m looking for in a partner and goes out of her way to make sure I’m satisfied. This has been an extremely positive experience, and it’s wonderful for people like me who are too busy and too old to keep swiping!


Sophy is amazing! She came highly recommended from a friend and did NOT disappoint! I felt like she has a tremendous gift for listening and understanding what I was looking for in a future husband. And she delivered him as my first match! We hit it off from our first date and truly believe we are soul mates. We’ve been together for over a year and a half and recently bought a new house together with a wedding in the near future! I highly recommend Sophy if you’re serious about finding the partner you’ve been waiting for!


I had been divorced for a number of years.  I thought I was fine by myself: I had friends, and activities, and I was happy.  But I was encouraged to take a chance, and rather than put myself on the internet, I found Sophy.  She was easy to open up to and helped me to really think about what was important to me moving forward.  She encouraged me to be open to the new experience of dating and she always listened.  On the second “date” that she set up, I met my fellow and we talked for hours.  We connected in so many ways that we knew we were the “right fit.” We haven’t been the same and we never will be. It has been two+ years and on the anniversary of our first date, we send a text to Sophy and thank her for putting us together.  Thanks Sophy, you have shown us our happy place, and it is brilliant.


Sophy listens to your story with compassion and kindness. Under her guidance, you feel less alone navigating the overwhelming and intimating world of dating (both online and in person). Ask Sophy for help, you won’t regret it…it could truly be the first step you take to finding that great love you have been searching for!


In working with Sophy, I felt like I was speaking with a good friend who had my best interests at heart. She took the time to get to know me, and where I was struggling. Our conversations were fun, educational, and supportive (even when they included some tough love). Most importantly, they involved thoughtful reflection, forcing me to articulate my feelings about dating in a way that I never had before. All of this helped me learn a lot about myself, and what qualities actually mattered to me in a prospective partner. Now I’m in the healthiest, happiest relationship of my life, and I firmly believe this would not have been possible without Sophy!

Frequently Asked Questions

In an era of swiping fatigue and endless choices, many individuals are seeking a more focused and purposeful approach to dating. Matchmaking offers a refreshing alternative by curating potential matches based on compatibility, values, and shared goals. By prioritizing quality over quantity, it allows individuals to bypass the often overwhelming and superficial nature of online dating platforms. It ends up saving people a ton of time and increases the chances of finding what you’re really looking for.

These experts possess a keen eye for compatibility, while also helping individuals navigate the complexities of dating with an insightful coach in their corner. Matchmaking offers a personalized and curated approach to dating based on the individual and it enhances the likelihood of that person finding a lasting connection. Online dating holds a lot of uncertainty and potential risks that come along with meeting strangers.

Matchmaking services provide an added layer of security and trust by conducting background checks and verifying the authenticity of their clients. What’s more, matchmaking acknowledges diversity and that each individual possesses different preferences, desires and relationship outcomes. It is a customized approach that ensures a higher probability of finding a partner to whom you might not have otherwise been able to find.

Online dating apps often prioritize superficial factors like appearance and a brief bio. Conscious matchmaking goes beyond these surface-level attributes, considering factors such as shared values, life goals, and long-term compatibility. This shift helps individuals connect on a deeper level, leading to more meaningful dates and the potential for long-term relationships.

Matchmakers take a personalized approach to finding suitable partners. They spend time getting to know their clients on a personal level, ensuring that potential matches have the qualities and values that align with the client’s preferences. This tailored approach increases the likelihood of finding a compatible partner and cutting down the wasted time spent on dating apps.

Unlike online dating apps that inundate users with an excess number of potential matches, matchmaking services focus on quality over quantity. They present clients with carefully selected matches, reducing overwhelm and decision fatigue.

Love is an emotional process – something that is felt in the body and the heart, not in the mind. Modern dating has become more robotic, than romantic. We log into dating apps and essentially “shop” for our ideal life partner based on a checklist. Anyone that does make the cut, for one reason or another, is eliminated or rejected.

Closer events aim to re-humanize dating by bringing a sense of openness, joy and vitality to the process of human connection.

Dating apps. They can feel like a black hole of swipes, emojis and dead-end texting conversations that put you in a nonstop loop that lead to nowhere. Sophy Love’s Professional Online Takeover service can help you break the cycle and start living.

With our full-service online dating concierge, we provide a personalized approach to online dating. Our expert dating concierge will consult with you to determine which online dating apps meet your needs, and which are a waste of your time.

Your personal dating concierge will also help you revamp your profile with dating online services that include a photo consult and writing or editing existing content. Our professional matchmakers are available to help weigh in on preferences, online deal breakers, and even tricky etiquette questions you may encounter in your online dating journey.

Yes. Sophy Love does not share profiles or email photos. We meet every candidate in person and all data shared with Sophy Love stays between the client and their matchmaker.

Yes. As a member of Sophy Love’s dating directory you now have access to our free services, including:

Membership in our singles dating directory, which is what our team uses to match you with potential partners who are looking for meaningful relationships. We will reach out if we find a promising match!

Invitations to our Closer events and classes, where you can meet other singles and learn skills to help you up-level your or emotional awareness and healthy relating.

Simply click “Get Started” on the top of this page and create your  private profile. 

Become a complimentary member or learn more about our services.

If you feel like you are on a path towards growth and are open to learning what is holding you back, we are here to help. 

Matchmaking isn’t for everyone and our services range from coaching and free events to executive matchmaking. If you are ready to make a change, click get started and learn from one of our matchmakers what is the best path forward for you.

Did You know?

Our private dating directory is 100% complimentary for approved members. Get started and we will be in touch once your profile is approved. Allow yourself to get connected, at no cost to you. Tap into a network of vetted, exclusive, executive singles who are all exceptional and inspiring, very much like you.