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Cultivating authentic love and joyful connections – embrace the journey with Sophy and Elizabeth, as we redefine the essence of modern dating and connection. ”The Conscious Matchmaker” is more than just a podcast; it’s a transformative journey into the heart of modern dating and relationships. Hosted by Sophy Singer, the passionate founder of Sophy.Love, and Elizabeth Foster, the insightful Lead Executive Matchmaker and Conscious Dating Coach, this show is a sanctuary for those seeking deeper, more authentic connections in a world often overwhelmed by superficial interactions.

Each episode invites listeners into a space of exploration and self-discovery, where the art of conscious dating is unraveled, and the secrets to true connection are revealed. Sophy and Elizabeth guide you through the maze of modern dating, helping to dismantle the armor and barriers that prevent genuine love and intimacy. Whether you’re single and seeking, or in a relationship and looking to deepen your connection, ”The Conscious Matchmaker” offers a supportive and enlightening path. Get ready for heart-to-heart conversations, expert insights, and a healthy dose of compassionate wisdom that will support you in creating meaningful, nourishing connections.

This podcast embodies our vision of a world where every interaction is authentic and enriching, focusing on the experience of connection itself rather than just the outcome. Our mission is to reframe dating and connection into emotionally nourishing and enjoyable experiences, leading to personal growth, fulfillment, and, ultimately, to finding your special someone. Join us on ”The Conscious Matchmaker” and let your journey to love and authentic connection begin.


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