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Why Attend a Closer Event?

Meet incredible singles in an authentic, low-pressure environment

Experience dating in a new way with a curated event led by trusted relational experts. You’ll be surprised what happens.

Sophy Singer

Sophy Singer

Matchmaker & Founder

Sophy started her career in executive matchmaking in 2010 as a dating coach, and found she had both a passion and knack for mentoring people to become their best selves as they played the dating field.

Ryel Kestano

Authentic Relating Coach

Ryel is the co-founder and a senior course leader at ART International – the world’s largest authentic relating training company – dedicated to bringing authentic relating to human connections.

Open your Heart to a Better Way of Dating

Reflect, rewire, and rediscover a closer relationship

Authentic Connections

Closer is designed to foster curiosity and connection within a highly curated group of professional singles handpicked by Sophy Love's professional executive matchmakers. Through deep icebreakers, practices, and games, attendees are given the space to create more authentic interactions and meaningful relationships with one another. We encourage anyone who attends to keep their hearts and minds open.

Transformative, Not Transactional

Love is an emotional process - something that is felt in the body and the heart, not in the mind. Modern dating has become more robotic, than romantic. We log into dating apps and essentially “shop” for our ideal life partner based on a checklist. Anyone that does make the cut, for one reason or another, is eliminated or rejected. Closer events aim to re-humanize dating by bringing a sense of openness, joy and vitality to the process of human connection. What if we tried to find one thing that allows us to give another person a chance, and in turn, give ourselves that chance as well?

An Intentional Moment & Place

In the past, group dating events often focused on giving you the opportunity to speak to as many people as possible. Closer events prioritize meaningful and intentional connections over the quantity of potential matches. Our guests are carefully selected based on their dating preferences, creating a group of 16-20 individuals who are all potential matches for one another. With a small group size and a balanced ratio of men and women, you'll have the opportunity to connect with someone special.

Find Your Zing

Dating has become a game, one that gets less exciting with every failed match you make. The constant pressure to perform and fear of rejection breeds anxiety and judgment, rather than aliveness and connection. That's why we created our Closer events—to put the joy back into making new connections. With beautiful locations, delicious food and drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere, you'll be able to let go of the outcome and let your true self shine, while potentially finding that special someone.

Spark Conversation, Not Monologues

Finding your life partner should not feel like scrolling through products on Amazon. At our Closer events, we strive to create an environment that fosters genuine connection. That's why our professional matchmakers take the stress out of the equation by thoroughly vetting all participants before our professional singles events to ensure that every person has a “potential match” in attendance. This way, you can focus on connecting with others authentically, without worrying about your checklist.

  • "Sophy had interviewed and curated the 20 attendees and then, instead of just having us all speed date, a facilitator paired us up, and took us through guided questions meant to dig deep and really get to know one another. By the end of the event, I felt like I hadn’t made meaningless small talk and that I hadn’t been robotically evaluating people with checklists, but instead getting to know them IN REAL LIFE. Since that event, I’ve been a lot more honest with the people I date, instead of hiding my emotions or trying to be someone else who has different preferences."

    Best selling author Tara Schuster

  • I wish dating felt like this on a regular basis!

    Shelby C.
  • I learned how to have better connections and impactful conversations, meeting new people, getting to experience a new way of connecting with people.

    John H.
  • It was a great way to develop personal connections with people and practice being authentic and vulnerable in an encouraging setting.

    Adam P.
  • I loved the way of getting to everyone being their authentic selves - getting real and vulnerable and present.

    Michelle K.

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