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How to Flirt Over Text

It wasn’t that long ago that flirting was exclusive to IRL scenarios, but in today’s world singles need to know how to turn on the charm both on and offline.

How to Flirt Over Text

It wasn’t that long ago that flirting was exclusive to IRL scenarios, but in today’s world singles need to know how to turn on the charm both on and offline. The art of flirting has always been a key element of the dating game, but how do you take your conversation to the next level via text? With an increasing number of couples meeting online, learning how to flirt over text is essential. Sophy Love has 5 tips for how to flirt over text.  

1. The Challenges of Flirting Over Text

Gen-Zers may disagree, but in-person flirting is much easier than knowing how to flirt over text. Seeing someone face-to-face allows you to use your body language and intonation to your advantage. A text, on the other hand, is tricky because one wrong word or emoji can completely change the conversation. It’s important to get your wording right before hitting send.

2. Keep It Playful

Whether it’s in someone’s DMs or at a bar, flirting should always be lighthearted and fun. You don’t have to start a serious conversation about their personal life or career. Clever jokes and memes are great ways to flirt over text. The goal is to interest the other person in a playful manner.

3. Have A Good Opening Line

Don’t let yourself drown in a sea of boring ‘heys’. A witty intro is much more likely to get a response, as it shows that you’re making a real effort. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re not good at expressing yourself through writing. A great GIF, photo, or song proves that a piece of media is worth a thousand words when you’re trying to flirt over text. Just be sure to provide context, ie. ‘this made me think of you/I feel like you will love this.’ Your intro will set the tone for the whole conversation. 

4. Ask Engaging Questions

Keep the conversation flowing by asking engaging questions. You can ask general questions about how things are going, but shifting the focus to their interests and hobbies will keep them coming back for more. Think of your text chain as a precursor to an IRL date. In fact, you can use your conversation to instigate date ideas. For example, you can ask them about their favorite type of food and then suggest going to a relevant restaurant together. Similarly you can bring up movies you’d like to watch or activities you’d like to try together. Casually mentioning activities proves that you’re serious about actually meeting up. Showing interest is a great way to flirt over text.

5. Be Suggestive, But Keep It Clean

There is a fine line between flirtatious texting and its vulgar cousin, sexting. Dirty emojis and nudes should be avoided unless you’re trying to land a one night stand. Once you’re in a relationship, there’s nothing wrong with dropping a few suggestive hints in your texts, but refrain from doing anything too literal. Remember that the internet is forever.


If you need extra help with learning how to flirt over text and how to convert your texts into dates, Sophy Love offers Date Coaching. I will provide you with professional advice about flirting of all kinds, or even sign you up for our Professional Online Takeover where we do the swiping and DMing for you to narrow it down to only the best potential matches.

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