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Three 1st Date Ideas in San Diego

Planning a fun first date that is also pressure-free is easy in San Diego!

first date ideas

Planning a fun first date that is also pressure-free is easy in San Diego! Use the great weather to your advantage and plan a first date outdoors almost year-round in San Diego. Plan a first date where you can be active and not have the awkward silences that can take place at a restaurant sitting across the table from what is basically a stranger. A nice dinner may be romantic and thoughtful but it also puts a lot of pressure on filling space. Also, there’s no specific end time and that uncomfortable moment when the bill comes… yikes! So what can you do instead?

Planning a fun first date that is also pressure-free is easy in San Diego!

1Go on a Hike

2Farmer’s Markets

3Be a Tourist in Your Own City

      1. Go on a Hike for a First Date in San Diego

Going on a hike doesn’t mean you need to be all geared-up with boots and a huge pack, ready to pitch a tent! Think of it as more of a walk in nature — just throw on some cute workout clothes (not the ones with holes or sweat stains) and a pair of tennis shoes and plan to meet at the parking lot of a mild to moderate trail in San Diego. Pick one that is not too long so that you don’t end up stuck on a trail with someone you don’t like. And if things are going well, then you can continue the date at a smoothie bar or a coffee shop nearby. Tip: don’t make the hike a competition about who is faster or more in shape, just relax and enjoy!

–Torrey Pines State Park

–Mission Trails Regional Park


      1. Farmer’s Markets for a First Date in San Diego

Whether you live near each other or want to try a street fair in a new neighborhood, walking around while looking at art and crafts, food, plants, and so on is a great way to get to know someone while on a first date in San Diego. You can get to know their style and how they treat vendors. Plus the food trucks mean you can grab a quick bite to eat and keep it super casual without the formality of a sit-down restaurant.  

–La Mesa Village (Friday)

–Gaslamp Artisan Market (Saturday and Sunday)

–Little Italy Mercato (Saturday)

–Hillcrest (Sunday)

–La Jolla Open Aire (Sunday)


      1. Be a Tourist in Your Own City for a First Date in San Diego

Everyone’s been to Seaport Village and the Hotel Del Coronado and Balboa Park, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go again and create a new experience. Grab an ice cream cone at the only Ben & Jerry’s in the county, or check out the elevator installed by Thomas Edison, or appreciate the architecture of the Museum of Art. Each tourist hot spot has interesting conversational tidbits to ensure you don’t have a lull.

–Seaport Village

–Hotel Del Coronado

–Balboa Park


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