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5 Tips for Video Dates

It is ok to feel neutral after a video call date but don’t give up quite yet.

tips for video dates
5 tips for video dates

Now more than ever virtual first dates on dating apps or Zoom have become commonplace. They’re different from physical dates in many ways: the most important being low-pressure because you’re doing it from the warmth and comfort of your own home. 


You also don’t have to worry about the awkwardness when the bill comes and who should pay or if there is going to be a goodnight kiss. The best thing about a video date is that you can always end the call if you’re not feeling it and you haven’t wasted too much of your time.

Nonetheless, you still want to look your best! Here are some tips:

Now more than ever virtual first dates on dating apps or Zoom have become commonplace.

1The Lighting

2The Angle

3The Look

4The Ambiance

5The Timing

1. The Lighting

Consider the space: a larger room will provide more depth and likely has better lighting. Or set-up outdoors, natural lighting is also ideal. A space that you’re comfortable in will translate via video technology. Computer lighting can be glaringly bright and unforgiving. Set-up so that you’re facing a window or spend a few bucks on a ring light. Don’t choose a dark area or somewhere that lighting casts shadows. You can always test the lighting on your phone or laptop and walk around until you find the best spot.

2. The Angle

If you’re using a mobile device such as your tablet or phone for your first-date video call, try to experiment and find your most flattering angle. This is usually at or above eye level. Another inexpensive item to get online is a cell phone tripod that will keep the phone stable. If you’re using an external webcam for your desktop or laptop it will give you better control at angling your camera. Put books under your laptop to bring the camera up to eye level. This helps you maintain eye contact during the call. 

3. The Look

Even though you’re not leaving the house, you should try to look like you put some effort into the video date. Put on a clean outfit that makes you feel comfortable but confident. Trim facial hair, run a brush through your hair, or apply fresh make-up.

4. The Ambiance

Simulate the atmosphere of a physical date as much as possible by having a drink handy, whether it’s a cocktail or coffee. Virtual dinner dates can be nice but sometimes the first date isn’t optimal for having to fill-in pauses while someone is eating and chewing or having to fiddle around with the dishes. And make sure the area in the camera’s frame is cleaned up! 

5. The Timing

Setting a timer to force an end to the call as a back-up is a good idea. You can make your timer sound like a phone call or a text as an excuse to leave the call politely. On the same topic, don’t schedule the call when you know you will have to end the conversation in case things are going well. The timer gives you options.

Don’t forget to do a camera check before your date begins so you can ensure your devices are working as they should.

Finally, manage your expectations. A virtual date cannot take the place of sitting with someone face-to-face. It is ok to feel neutral after a video call date but don’t give up quite yet. If you’re not happy with the quality of the matches you’re scheduling for video chats, reach out to SophyLove for help. We can take-over your dating apps, or we can sign you up for dating coach sessions. We also can elevate your dating life with matchmaking. Schedule a consultation to see which services are best for you by clicking here:

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