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5 Ways to Refresh Your Online Dating Profile

But before you jump back into the online dating game, make sure your profile is updated and optimized to get you the best results.

Online Dating Profile Refresh
5 ways to refresh your online dating profile

Online dating is thriving once again as people are excited to see the end of COVID-19 and a return to normal life. But before you jump back into the online dating game, make sure your online dating profile is updated and optimized to get you the best results.

But before you jump back into the online dating game, make sure your profile is updated and optimized to get you the best results. 


1Upload a New Profile Photo

2List New Hobbies You Discovered During the Pandemic

3Update Your Spotify Highlights

4Change Your Match Preferences

5Add a Question to Your Bio to Get the Conversation Started

1. Upload a new first photo.

Give your matches an accurate first impression with a current photo of yourself. Ideally, your first photo should be no more than a year old, and it should clearly show your face. Skip the group pics and artsy silhouettes – you want people to know what you look like at first glance. A ring light or plenty of natural lighting will help enhance your photo without feeling too overdone. No sunglasses or hats and no other people in the profile photo.

2. Fill your bio with pandemic friendly hobbies.

Make starting the conversation and coming up with first date ideas a little easier by describing a few of the ways you’ve kept busy over the last year. With many public places still shut down or enforcing health safety measures, it might feel harder than usual to come up with ideas for a first date. Stick to activities you know would be safe and enjoyable – examples include outdoor sports, hanging at local rooftop bars, or Zoom game nights. You can also throw in some of the random hobbies you’ve picked up during the pandemic, like sushi-making or guitar. You’d be surprised at how many people share your interests! 

3. Take a look at your Spotify highlights.

Many dating apps include a section to show off your music preferences. Select a handful of songs and artists that you love listening to, and mention why you love that music in your bio. Music is always a great conversation starter, and you can easily swap concert stories to break the ice with your matches.

4. Change your match preferences.

Dating profiles rely on algorithms to match you with potential dates. If you took an extended dating break during the pandemic, be sure your preferences reflect what you’re currently looking for in a date or partner. Dating apps usually let you specify your preferences for characteristics such as age, sex, and location. There might be more advanced preferences to update, such as religion, lifestyle goals, and occupation. There’s no right or wrong answer, but you should be honest and update anything that’s changed since the last time you’ve dated.  

5. Add a question to your bio and get the conversation started.

Sending the first message isn’t easy. Throw in a fun question at the end of your bio to entice people to message you. It can be the lead-in of a corny joke, or maybe something deeper like, “Where was the most embarrassing place you peed your pants as a child?” You can have lots of fun with it, but be sure that you have a good response of your own ready to share to help keep the banter going. 

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