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It’s Cuffing Season – What Does That Mean For You?

What does cuffing season mean for you?

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It's cuffing season


Fall is one of the loveliest times of the year. Nature is overtaken by a sea of vibrant colors, cozy sweaters make a comeback, cafes are filled with delicious seasonal flavors, and cuffing season is in full swing. Not sure what that last term means? 

Cuffing season is a phenomenon where single people find themselves craving the comfort and stability of a relationship. It generally occurs from October to March, when temperatures are at their lowest and holiday festivities are abundant. Cuffing season relationships move at a fast pace during the winter before they quickly fizzle out in the spring. 

The Psychology Behind Cuffing Season

All animals have a mating season, but the reason behind humans’ cuffing season is more psychological than anything. We want someone to snuggle up to when the weather is miserable. Shorter days and colder temperatures enhance feelings of loneliness, so we desire physical touch and companionship more than usual. Having a constant companion is easier than finding casual dates and one night stands when we’re spending more time indoors. 

Cuffing season is also a direct result of societal pressure. From Halloween to Valentine’s Day, every winter holiday can be linked to relationships in one way or another. Dates are encouraged at family-oriented holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Showing up to a family dinner solo may result in an evening of awkward interrogations about your personal life. The media is just as bad as your pesky great aunt; romantic holiday movies and songs perpetuate the idea that Christmas and New Years are all about finding love. 

Red Flags To Look Out For When It’s Cuffing Season

Casual daters might be cool with winter flings during cuffing season, but being cuffed can lead to heartbreak for those who are looking for a genuine connection. Avoid disappointment by looking out for the following signs during your fall dates.

  • They’re rushing into the relationship. They’ll schedule dates quickly and often, leave things at your place early on, and be quick to introduce you on social media. It may seem like a whirlwind romance, but it’s probably just a cuff. 
  • They only make short-term plans. If they’re happy to invite you to a Thanksgiving dinner or a NYE party but get funny once you mention a spring vacation, chances are they don’t see your relationship lasting that long. 
  • Your dates always involve staying in. A movie night is nice every once in a while, but you might want to think twice if that’s all you’re doing. They probably just want a cuddle buddy instead of an emotional companion.
  • All of their friends and family members are in relationships. Being the odd one out can be hard, especially during a time of year that has a lot of group gatherings. They may be using you to fit in with their friends or get their families off their back. 

If you need help determining the cuffers from the real romantics, Sophy Love’s team is here to provide professional advice. Our matchmaking services can help you find an amazing date that is looking for more than just a seasonal fling and our Date Coaching can help you navigate cuffing season. We’ll help you beat the odds and find true love this cuffing season! 

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