6 Ways to Avoid Online Dating Scams

avoid online dating scams
6 ways to avoid online dating scams

Call it a fraud or catfishing, either way an online dating scam is when the person you thought you were getting to know online is not who they say they are, or worse yet, are trying to take advantage of you. The scammer will lure you into their romantic trap to gain your trust and usually asks for money with some sob story. Or they make you feel special when they turn to you in some emergency situation that only you — a complete stranger — can bail them out of. Of course it doesn’t feel like a trap when you think you’re falling in love, but there are signs to look for to avoid these scams.

an online dating scam is when the person you thought you were getting to know online is not who they say they are.

1Double Check Their Info

2Don’t Give Out Personal Information

3Sentimental Stories

4They Send You Mysterious Web Links

5Try to Meet Them In Person ASAP

6Hire a Matchmaker

  1. Double check their info 

Question the information included in their profile and ask for events in detail and ask for more pictures of them. Then use google and social media to verify this is a real person. 

  1. Don’t Give Out Your Personal Information

You’ve already offered up enough info in your online dating profile, at least enough for them to verify your identity (just as you would them), but draw the line at certain information such as full birthdate, full address, parents names, siblings names, and so forth.

  1. Sentimental Stories

Most scammers have many sentimental stories to tell, which are very heartbreaking. But no one tells tragic and personal stories out of nowhere. Right? Sharing stories brings strangers together and creates a false sense of trust.

  1. They Send Mysterious Web-Links

Attachments and sites are the easiest way for these scammers. Do not open these links or attachments. They can gain access to the application you’re using along with all your personal data with some of these viruses and hacks. 

  1. Try To Meet Them In-Person ASAP

Ask to meet in person as soon as you can. This is the easiest way to make sure they’re not a fake, though there are other scams to fall for. Always let a friend know where you are and only meet after you are able to pull them up on a google search or social media.

  1. Consult A Professional Matchmaker

Hiring professional help is a surefire way to avoid being scammed because of the background checks that Sophy Love runs on every potential match. We do the research for you and only match you with those who have passed our background checks as well as our experienced intuition.

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